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You Glow Girl; Pamper Me Spa Glam Package

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  • You Glow Girl; Pamper Me Spa Glam Package
  • You Glow Girl; Pamper Me Spa Glam Package
  • You Glow Girl; Pamper Me Spa Glam Package

You Deserve to Glow from the Inside Out.

- You Glow Girl Rose Body Oil
-Treat Yo-Self Yoni Steam Bag
-Herbal Yoni Bath Bomb

*Rose Body Oil-Fresh Floral Scent, can be used as a facial moisturizer, cuticle oil, body moisturizer, hair oil, and you can even use it as you shave in the shower. After a shower add a few drops and massage into the skin. Beneficial for dark spots, eczema, blemishes.

*Yoni Herbal Steam Bags-Many benefits to yoni cleansing, physical and healing benefits, promotes spiritual healing. Reconnect with your feminine essence, Soothing and detoxing to the vaginal walls and smells amazing. Promotes hormonal balance, reduces menstrual discomfort. This is not a substitute for any professional medical advice.

Ingredients: RoseMary, Yarrow Leaf, Calendula Flower, Red Rose Petal, Mugwort, Red Raspberry, Motherwort
Motherwort-reduces itching
Rosemary-Increases menstrual flow
Calendula-reduces inflammation
Yarrow-reduces cramps, heals wounds
Rose Petals-reduces anxiety
Red Raspberry-tones and tightens the uterus

In a medium covered pot, with about 4-6 cups of water, pour a handful of your herbs in the water prior to boiling or after it starts to boil. Let boil for 10-15 minutes. Turn heat off, place lid over mixture and let steep for 5-10 minutes. Your steam is now ready and can be transferred to another bowl. Ensure the herbs are not too hot prior to you sitting over them. If you don't have a yoni seat, you can place in your toilet, relax, meditate, journal, set your intentions during your cleansing and enjoy.

*Yoni Bath Bombs-Organic Herbal Yoni Bath Bomb-Reduces menstrual bloating and cramping, helps maintain healthy PH balance, post menstrual cycle refreshment, relax and increase body energy, Drop Yoni Bath Bomb in the tub, let it dissolve for 5-10 mins then soak in the bath for 20-30 minutes.
Ingredients: Citric acid, aluminum free sodium bicarbonate,Corn starch, Shea Butter,Cocoa Seed Butter, Essential oil,Epsom salt, Plantain,Rosemary,Yarrow Leaf,Calendula Flower,Red Rose Petal ,Mugwort , Red Rasperry ,Motherwort , Rose, Lavender,
Blueberry, Coconut milk.